Rudimentary by Cheryl

Rudimentary by Cheryl is a long-standing Yellowknife Farmers Market vendor. You can find Cheryl and her jams, preserves, crafts and baked goods every Tuesday throughout the summer on Tuesday evening at the Somba K’e Civic Plaza during the Yellowknife Farmers Market.

Rudimentary by Cheryl

Cheryl has been crafting, baking and preserving for over 30 years and is commonly known around Yellowknife as the Jam Lady. She often brings to market more than 20 different types of homemade jams, with many made from local ingredients grown and harvested right here in Yellowknife.

Along with jams, Rudimentary by Cheryl also offers a selection of preserved good such as pickles, carrots, and beets. As for baked goods, banana bread, soda bread, cookies and well-known pies can also be found.

Stop by Rudimentary by Cheryl just past the City Hall steps every Tuesday from 5:15 pm to 7:30 pm June to September.

Rudimentary by Cheryl | Yellowknife Jam Lady

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