Wanted: Baker, Bakers Apprentice or Helper

With Bread is looking for a passionate individual(s) who is interested in baking and/or operating a Farmers Market Booth to join our small team to help with our weekly bake for the Yellowknife Farmers Market.

From June to September With Bread services the Yellowknife Farmers Market every Tuesday evening with a selection of mostly naturally leavened and specialty bread, such as focaccia and baguettes. And for 2018, we will be introducing freshly baked pizzas at the Farmers Market.

With Bread is a small flexible micro-bakery with a limited but dedicated baking space that allows us to be flexible based on our customer’s requests. Each week we bake approximately 160 loaves of bread, plus baguettes, flatbreads, mini-sourdough loaves and cinnamon rolls.

With an additional person(s), we are looking at improving our current baking schedule and expanding into other areas and products.

Who are you?

You are someone who enjoys working with your hands and is passionate about baking bread and interested in helping operate a small scale bakery/farmers market operation (the business side of things). You might have previous experience baking, either at home, school or professionally, but you might also be interested in learning from scratch. You must be a self-starter who can eventually look at a task list and be able to complete duties unsupervised.

You may also have no interested in actually baking anything but are interested in helping run the business at the Yellowknife Farmers Market. This would include packaging, transporting, setup, customer service and tear down of our Farmers Market Booth.

Job Opportunities

Monday Evening

This opportunity would include working in the bakery where we would start preparing the starters and doughs for Tuesday’s bake. The details haven’t been ironed out but this could include shaping some doughs and preparing pizza topping ingredients.

Tuesday Daytime

During the day on Tuesdays is when the bulk of work our will be done. This opportunity might start around 7 or 8 am, and includes shaping, baking, mixing, more shaping, packaging, and cleaning. A person could expect to be working between 6 and 8 hours.

Tuesday Evening (Farmers Market)

Ideally, this opportunity would start at the bakery helping package and load up the product and supplies (but it is negotiable) before heading to the Farmers Market. At the Farmers Market, this opportunity would include setup, customer service, possible pizza baking depending on the person, tear down and clean up.  A person might expect to work 4 hours non-stop during this period.

All of the Above or Some

The opportunities above can be done by one, two or three different people. If you’re only available on Tuesday evening and a people person that is awesome. If you just want to learn how to bake on a production level that is awesome too. If you want to do it all, well then, you’re as crazy as Kyle, and we like that too.

The Commitment

The Yellowknife Farmers Market runs on Tuesdays from June to September. There are 16 markets throughout this time. We would be looking for people who can commit to these days, or know far in advance if a particular date will not work.

What is the compensation?

Compensation will depend on your level of experience. We value any help we can get and want to offer fair compensation.

What else will you get out of working with With Bread? You will gain the knowledge and experience of being involved in production level baking. You will see how to plan, schedule and bake bulk qualities of bread with limited equipment. You will learn how temperature, weather, and ingredients affect different breads. You will learn how certain bread differentiates from others and how to mix, shape, proof and bake them all.

If interested in any of the opportunities above, please contact us through the form below. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

There is also opportunity to grow within With Bread and help direct where it does on a higher level.

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