The Baker

Kyle Thomas YellowknifeBread is one of my earliest memories. At 5-years-old I remember going grocery shopping with my mom and on the bus ride home eating a fresh Italian style bun, with a flaky crust and soft crumb.

In early adulthood, and many PB&J sandwiches later, the idea of baking my own bread peaked my interest. My mom makes jams but not bread, so I took it on. I read the books, talked to chefs and bakers, watched the videos and consumed as much knowledge as I could while continuously testing out my own bread.

Bread, to me, is more than just the ingredients it is made out of. Bread in one form or another is in almost every culture and dates back several centuries. It is found in every class of society. People share bread with their neighbours and bond over it. To me, bread is another way I can connect with my community. With people. It is such a simple act but can represent an everlasting connection.

“Companion” in Latin loosely translates to “With” “Bread”

In 2013, the first summer of the Yellowknife Farmers Market, With Bread made its debut and has grown ever since. Find out where you can find With Bread here.

The Bread

In the early days, we admit we didn’t know much about bread baking and made many of our loaves with commercial yeast, sugar, and oil. Not having a bakery in Yellowknife, we really had nothing to compare too. Eventually, our desire to develop a sustainable product that is naturally rising, healthier and better tasting led us to shift more of our products to a sourdough culture, rather than commercial yeast.